Here are some of the things my clients are saying about Elite Handyman Service

Re-aligned faceplate on door frame to allow deadbolt/latch to lock on my front entry door.
After foundation repair work and heavy rain, my foundation is settling and my front door no longer would lock. I explained the situation to Emmanuel and he diagnosed the issue and had a better plan than I did! I needed the job completed ASAP since it was my front entry door and was soon going out of town. Emmanuel was able to get to my house the same day that I called, which I sincerely appreciated. Sleeping with a front door that could not lock did not feel very safe to me, so was happy he squeezed me in same day. He also suggested to add longer screws on the faceplate because the current screws were short and If anyone tried breaking in and causing great force, the shorter screws could come out easily. So he replaced the screws with longer screws for added security. I was very appreciative and grateful. The job was done in less than an hour. Couldn’t have had a better experience! I will definitely be calling him for all the things that I need to get done around my place!! I highly recommend him. Professional, reliable, honest, and trustworthy.
— Jocelyn A (Rating - A)
Manny plumbed a new utility sink and faucet for me.
Member Comments: He was on time, very pleasant, got right to work and was quickly finished. He found he had to replace both the hot and cold water hookups and went to extra trouble to find what my older home needed. I was very pleased with his service.
— Kay M (Rating - A)
Mounted television in bedroom. However, Emmanuel has done lots of work at my place and he’s GREAT! Highly recommend and I am repeat customer. Mounted 2 large TV’s on wall. Hung oversized art, put together end tables, bed frame, consoles. Great service, very professional!
— Emily M (Rating - A)
Installed dishwasher, put up Sheetrock, fixed cabinets doors in kitchen, replaced weather stripping, filled in all places mice and rodents could enter home. Approximate cost 300.00 dollars materials and labor. Emmanuel is professional, well mannered, neat, did an excellent job. I will hire him again when I need help with any repair work.
— Nila S (Rating - A)
This guy was very good. He reccomended using some trim pieces to better secure the heavy mirrors to the wall. I didn’t like the idea, but once he showed me the pieces he had in mind I decided to go with it. He did a great job and it turned out much better than I thought. I would use him again.
— Kimberly L (Rating - A)
Emmanuel removed a permanent basketball hoop. Emmanuel showed up when promised and was extremely professional and efficient.
— Stephanie L (Rating - A)
Emmanuel is first class! He took the appointment same-day on short notice. He was on time, extremely professional, and courteous.
Emmanuel was fair on price as well. We’ve scheduled him to come back in a few days and look forward to having Elite Handyman Service help maintain our home for years.
— Kyle P (Rating - A)
Repaired garage door, which was off the track. Went above and beyond to make further adjustments to prevent the same thing from happening. Provider was very responsive to my frantic request for someone to make the repair. (Safety concern.) He came the same day and kept me updated as he was nearing arrival. He was very professional and friendly, and I will use him in the future. Wish I’d been more prepared with a “honey do” list, and I would have kept him busy longer!
— Jennifer B (Rating - A)
Emmanuel removed a ton of caulk in the master bath, removed the bathtub faucets so that he could caulk around them, and went to Home Depot to pick up what he needed to do the job. He did a great job of caulking a huge master bath jetted tub that had moved quite a bit from foundation work done a year ago. He also did the area around the master sink. Emmanuel called me back the same day I called him. I was able to get on his schedule within a few days. He was very professional, and I could not be more pleased with the way the bathroom now looks. I don’t have to worry about water leaks any more! I would highly recommend that you give him a call.
— Patty B (Rating - A)
I had a huge list of random things to get done around the house and Emmanuel got all of it done! My husband and I had just bought our first home and it is a bit of a fixer upper so finding a good handyman was extremely important for us. Emmanuel was GREAT from the get go. Answered the phone and scheduled the appointment for that same week. He arrived on time and ready to get started. I had a huge list of random things that need to be done around the house. From hanging pictures on the wall to changing light switches, installing cutting rodes to even replacing our mail box!!! And guess what? Emanuel did it ALL!!!! I was so happy with the progress we mad that day that less than a month latter I called him again but that time I hired him for 8 hours. He has the best price in the market specially for how good, fast and punctual he is.
During that second appointment Emanuel FINISHED all I had left to get done around the house. We had guests coming to stay for a week and we needed the guest rooms to be completely done. He hang mirrors and pictures on the walls, installed 3 celling fans, installed more curtains and blinds and helped move a few things around!
But the most important part about that day was that on his way out, he was looking around the house to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, he noticed a leak coming from the vent in our bathroom celling!!!!! Turned out that we were having major AC problems and didn’t even know!!!!! We had a huge leak in the attic that would have ruined our celling if Emanuel hadn’t noticed and taken the time to get it manageable before he left that day! We called the emergency AC people and got it fixed that night. If if wasn’t for Emanuel taking the extra 15 minutes, even though he had to leave because he had family plans that night, I don’t know how much more we would have spent on fixing everything and how long we would have to go without our AC working!!!
I HIGHLY recommend Emmanuel to anyone looking for a reliable handyman with great prices.
— Gabreila B (Rating - A)
Emmanuel installed a new front door sweep. I bought the part at Home Depot and he provided the labor. Emmanuel was on time and overall very polite and very helpful. I would hire again.
— Shawn S (Rating - A)
Very responsive and arrived on time. Determined what needed to be done, purchased parts and repaired faucet quickly. The bill was lower than his estimate over the phone. I was very happy with his work and would recommend him to anyone.
— Judy D (Rating - A)
Installed new sub flooring in one bathroom from previous water damage. This included going into the crawl space to support flooring. Project took two days. Emmanuel did an outstanding job. He was on time both days-keep me up to date as to his progress. I highly recommend him and will use him in the future. His price was reasonable and fair.
— Bobby A (Rating - A)
I failed miserably at hanging a curtain rod. Emmanuel was great. He came by and repaired/replaced the dry wall. He also installed a windowsill. He was on time, professional, and communicated extraordinarily well throughout the process.
— Depinder A (Rating A)
He fixed my garage disposal and bedroom ceiling fan. Emmanuel was on time, pleasant, and knew what he was doing. It was a good experience, and I will hire him again.
— William S (Rating - A)